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RIP Roger Abbott, 1946-2011. I pretty well grew up watching Air Farce, so it's a shame to see him go.

Here's a clip I remember enjoying when it originally aired (also featuring Sean Cullen singing); hope you enjoy it. And to Roger: thanks for all the laughs!

20 March 2011 @ 12:56 am
Hello to all my faithful livejournal friends! Of whom there are.. well, none right at the moment (edit: one now! Hi! :P), but hey, if you have no friends, they can't be unfaithful, right? Or something like that.

Anyway, to the point of this entry: The Arrogant Worms! Here's the story -- many years ago my dad told me about this funny little song he'd heard on the radio -- something or other about a cow. He quoted a few lines, I agreed it was amusing, and then for the most part I forgot about it.

Fast forward a number of years, when the wonderful thing called high speed internet meant that I could explore that lovely site called youtube to my heart's desire. I remembered that song about the cow -- I had to investigate! A quick search led me to it, and I listened and enjoyed.

Fast forward another number of years, interspersed with occasional little Worm-sprees, to this past Christmas -- whilst discussing Wolfe Island (for some reason) with a friend, I naturally felt the urge to listen to the Wolfe Island Ferry song. One thing led to another, and due to it being Christmas and me having some spare time on my hands, I ended up having a bit of a Worms fest, listening to most of their music over the course of a few days. I was hooked, and lamented the fact that they did not seem to be playing in Kingston any time soon! That is, until I had a look at their recently-updated tour page! This was my chance -- I dragged in a couple of friends (who were surprisingly easy to convince, considering both only knew the Worms by name) and secured us some lovely second row seats! 

SO.... to the point (for real this time! maybe...) -- January passed, with me counting down the days, and finally February the 5th arrived! Despite it being rather snowy outside, we made it to Duncan McArthur hall, and --- well, it was fabulous! Since I have already written far more than is probably necessary in my little narrative, I'll just write some point form highlights:

- powerpoint presentations
- static man! 
- Mike tying his shoe (he's getting good at the velcro ones!)
- and Mike going and sitting in the audience (though I can't remember when or why he did this.. anyone wanna help me out? :P)
- "water!" -- the guy who was chosen was only a few seats down from me, so I was a little worried for a second in case Mike was pointing at me... but he wasn't. Phew! (I'm shy :P) 
- lingering around in my seat for the intermission, observing: a) someone fixing Chris's microphone b) "mystery trumpet man" going backstage c) Mike going backstage
- the brass duet!
- Trevor's solo in Carfull of Pain -- every bit as amazing as the album and live bait version!
- Uncle Lou -- seeing Trevor act it out brought this song to a whole new level for me :P
and last but certainly not least...
- John and Steve!! Definitely a highlight amongst the highlights -- and John sounded exactly the same doing Don't Go into Politics as he did on the album, which impressed me.

Anyway, enough writing -- now some pictures!  (oh, and credit for most of these goes to my friend -- aside from the first two, I think she took them all. I kind of prefer to just watch concerts, but.. she seemed happy to take photos, so whatever works!)

(oh, and they're also all from the second set, because.. well, I dunno really :P)

Click here for an excessive amount of pictures!Collapse )

29 December 2009 @ 10:54 pm
Well hello all! (I don't really know who "all" is, as I haven't really gotten to know anyone on here yet, but... shhh :P)
I thought my journal looked rather barren, so here I am, writing an entry.
Hmhmm, what to say...

Well, is anyone else as frustrated as I am about all these teeth whitening ads that are on the internet these days? There's some on the page as I write this, and it's weirding me out. LEAVE ME ALONE. YOUR TEETH DO NOT NEED TO BE AS WHITE AS YOUR REFRIGERATOR, PEOPLE.

.. ahem. But now I just blocked the ad! Hooray! All is well.

Well, I guess that'll do for a first entry. The moral of the story: threepipeprob does not like ads. Especially teeth ones. Blech.

Have a lovely day/evening/whatever, folks.

P.S. Since I've just added "sick" as my mood for this entry, I'd like to say that this is not because of the teeth ads, although I don't suppose they would have helped. My stomach and I just seem to be having some minor disagreements today, sadly. :P
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Eric the Gardener - The Divine Comedy